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Pastor Jim Ray
Jason and Amy Bowles
The first two full weeks of this month (June 2016) brought 2 teams to the area.  The first team was from the twin cities of Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. They represented Valley Christian Church.  Pastor Jim Ray also traveled with the group of 13, most of which were the youth from the church.  The youth leaders, Jason and Amy Bowles did an outstanding job in leading the youth and doing months of preparation before arriving.  The team traveled for two days to get to El Paso and the opted to work their entire four days at Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries (SAEM).  

Some Valley Christian youth
Los Tres Amigos
They worked very hard around the SAEM campus doing some very much needed upkeep on the grounds.  They also worked inside the SAEM main building but most of the work was done outdoors.  Unfortunately the 100 degree temperatures showed up at the same time the team did.  They stayed busy from the time they got out of bed til the time they went back to bed.  But we also had times of devotionals, worship, sharing, lots of eating, and we also made a trip to El Paso's Scenic Drive Park. At the park the team took advantage of the not-so-hot evening and the beautiful view to sing worship music before all those visitors who were also enjoying the nice evening.  SAEM was left in great shaped after the team departed on their long two day trek back North.  Thank You Valley Christian!!!
The team from Valley Christian left on a Friday and the next day a small team of two men from Searcy, Arkansas flew down for a six day stay at SAEM, with daily trips to Juarez.  Mike Lee and Mike Lorton have worked with me in Juarez many times and they are now seasoned part-time missionaries.  
Before Mike Lee and Mike Lorton arrived there were two problems that I was trying to work through.  One was the the issue of Father's Day in Juarez  (one of the hardest things that you can do in Juarez is to get men to come to church).  And the second issue was the huge amount of used clothing that has been donated to SAEM over the years, which can't be crossed into Mexico because the government won't allow it.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  I made up my mind to take all the men's clothing and start washing, folding, and packing, and crossing them into Juarez just a little bit at a time.  I was washing clothes for over a month.  And by the time the two men arrived most of the clothes were waiting in my house in Juarez.  Then I planned a Father's Day get together with a great meal at Pastor Manuel's church in Juarez.  When Mike and Mike arrived we finished the plans off by purchasing food and bringing it to the church.  We also took time to separate the clothing (pants, shirts, polo shirts, tee shirts, baseball caps, etc.) by sizes.  And we also took a day out to walk through the neighborhoods going door to door and inviting all the men to the celebration and free clothing.  Many said that they would come, but that's something I have heard before, but it didn't happen.  I did a lot of praying asking God to send the men out to this event.  Unfortunately, we did not attend the Father's Day celebration because I had to drive Mike and Mike back to Arkansas before the event took place.  I had left everything else in the hands of Pastor Manuel and his wife Lolis, who claim to be my adopted parents (even though they are younger than I).  Needless to say I was so very pleased and thankful to the Lord when the reports started coming in about the Father's Day event.  Many men had come, some with their wives.  And about a dozen or more gave their lives to the Lord Jesus.  And...they each carried back home plenty of clothes.  I was ecstatic about the reports and the pictures.  
All the praying done for the event, all the washing, all the preparations, all the visiting had paid off.  God was so faithful again.  There was one man in particular whom we visited and prayed for that I regretted not being in Juarez for to bring him to the event personally.  His name is Jose and he had a stroke many years ago.  He is mostly paralyzed and the only part of his body that he can use is just his left hand. He is barely over 50 years old.   He lives with his daughter, who is the one who feeds him, bathes him, and takes care of all his necessities. But she has to work.  So every morning when she leaves for work she pushes his wheelchair over the threshold of the front door where he sits without being able to move until she returns from work.  Jose can be  
seen on the very top picture in a wheelchair.   Jose is a Mexican-American and has rights to Social Security in the U.S. But Jose's brother stole his American citizen paperwork and is living in the U.S. pretending to be Jose.  Jose hasn't heard from him in years.  I wanted to be there to bring Jose to the Father's Day event but couldn't.  But Jose finally found someone to "throw" him in back of a pick-up and he was able to come and enjoy the evening with the other men.   I was thrilled to know that Jose made it along with a church full of men.  What a joy!!!  My "mom" Lolis fixed them a good salad, chicken spaghetti with alfredo  sauce, tea, and ice cream cones.  And I'm sure that she sneaked in some jalapenos in there somewhere. 
I also wanted to report that Pastor Martin Nuñez, whom I've reported on before, has a new addition in his orphanage.  Pastor Martin has been getting kids off the streets of Juarez for some years now.  These are very young kids who are hooked on drugs and live in the streets.  His new addition is Little Emanuel, 2 months old, who was birthed by a young mom on cocaine.  The child will go through regular drug withdrawals, but if anyone knows how to handle that it's Pastor Martin and his wife Letty.  If anyone wishes to help Pastor Martin, his church, and his orphanage, please contact me.

And now for the cheesy story:  One day Mike Lorton, Mike Lee, and myself went to the wholesale area of Juarez to purchase food for the men's event.  After we left the Holy Spirit asked me to return and buy a wheel of cheese for one of the nursing homes (see last blog entry).  So I told my two companions that we had to turn around and go back.  I bought the wheel of cheese which came out to about 17 to 18 pounds.  We drove to the "old folks" home, greeted them, and set the wheel of cheese on one of the kitchen tables.  I set it right next to a small piece of cheese (about 1 1/2 pounds) that was on the table.  Viridiana, one of the directors froze and kept staring at the cheese that I brought.  And she kept staring at the cheese! Until finally I started thinking that I had done something wrong and had to ask if I did.  Then one by one tears started to roll from her eyes.  The lady cooking for them just smiled at us.  Finally Miguel, Viridiana's husband and director, explained it to me.  He said that in the morning they decided to make quesadillas for the 32 people who were at the center.  So they took all the money they had and went to the store to get cheese.  Miguel had returned with the small piece of cheese that was on the table.  So the cook asked, "so you want me to make quesadillas with that little piece of cheese"?  Miguel responded, "At least we can say that it has cheese in it".  And Viridiana added, "God will multiply it!".  And then 5 minutes later...I walk in with the large wheel of cheese. God had provided as He always done.  When Viridiana was able to speak she told me, "It's not just about the cheese; it's God letting us know that He watches us, that He cares for us, and that  He knows that we're here".  Yes, God knows where you are, He watches over you, and He cares for you.  Shalom!!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016



I have known Miguel and Viridiana for about 10 years.  I first met them on one of my mission trips to Juarez, Mexico long before I moved here full time.  They are the one of the many unsung heroes that I have had the pleasure of meeting in Juarez.  This blog will briefly highlight their work along with another couple, Pastor Jose Luna and his wife Agustina.


When I first met Miguel he was about 20 years old.  His father, Pastor Rosalio, had started a ministry for the aged and he also pastored a church.  Miguel and Viridiana did most of the work at the "old folk's home".  At the age of 20 Miguel would care for the men with all the love, kindness, gentleness, and patience that you would expect from someone much older.  Miguel bathed the men that could not bathe themselves, and on some he would have to change their diapers.  He would also get them up in the morning and put them to bed at night.  In between all this Miguel found time to do loads and loads of laundry plus 100 other jobs at the center.  I wonder: how many 20 year-old young men are willing to do that 24/7?  Viridiana helped Miguel with whatever she could plus she prepared 3 meals a day for the men.  At that time the center only allowed men, but in the last couple of years a new dorm was constructed by a team from the U.S., so now women are living here also.  Today, about 11 years later, Miguel, now 31, and Viridiana are still doing the same thing.  Except that now the young couple has 3 children of their own and they have that as an added responsibility, plus all the trips to school daily.  The center, called MI ESPERANZA, My Hope, is strictly operated by faith and whatever people of goodwill and faith will bring them.  Oftentimes they get volunteers who will commit for a few weeks or months of help.  Volunteers also help with cooking, haircuts, work around the facility, and time visiting with the men and women residing there.

 The ministry also has a small chapel where Miguel and Viridiana hold regular church services.  Of course, Miguel also plays the musical instruments. 

Most of the time in Mexico when men and women end up in retirement homes like these it is because they are adult orphans; they have no family.  Miguel and Viridiana become their family.  

Once in a while bad news comes...the death of one of the ''gramps".  Miguel and Viridiana cry and lament as if their own relative had passed away.  They have a choice to turn the remains over to the city, where they will be buried in mass graves, or they will do all they can to give them a decent burial.  They sacrifice and choose the later.  A couple of years ago they had about 5 deaths in a matter of 3 months.  Many of these men and women are in wheelchairs.  Almost all of them are on medication, which is almost a full time job just keeping that organized.  And one never knows when one of them will be called home.  In all, this is a very happy place considering  all the challenges that go along with it.  Miguel knows to call me in case he has an emergency that he needs special help with.  And I often stop in to visit and bring them food or whatever I can get my hands on to bring.  His father, Pastor Rosalio, is no longer in Juarez; he has moved to another part of Mexico to start another retirement center.  Miguel and Viridiana are left alone but no one is as capable as they are to minister to these precious ones. Surely this is pure and undefiled religion. 


Pastor Jose Luna and his wife Agustina are also also unsung heroes.  Their church is in the middle of the desert outside of Juarez just like Miguel and Viridiana's ministry.  Actually they're only a couple of miles away from each other.  Less than a year ago Pastor Luna had a good size church with very good facilities.  But when you live in prime crime areas and violence is the norm you pay a price.  One day some men showed up at Pastor's Luna's church demanding money.  Of course he didn't have any.  He also operates strictly by faith also.  So the men kidnapped him in his own van after having stabbed him  several times in the abdomen and on his right side.  As they drove off with him in the back of the van they came to a place where two of the tires were punctured and went flat.  And this is what saved the Pastor's life.  The men left but the pastor remained in the van bleeding until someone found him.  Pastor Luna has left that area and has started another small church just about a mile away.  The new church is called DIOS PROVEERA, God Will Provide.  The church, located less than 50 feet from his house, has a dirt floor but the pastor has found scraps of carpeting to put down in order to keep the folding chairs from sinking in the dirt when people sit on them. He has also found scraps of plywood, boards, and anything else he can nail down to raise up the small church.  He has about 60 people who attend on Sunday morning and more are coming.  Pastor Luna has promised the Lord that he will feed everyone who comes on Sunday morning and he has been able to keep that promise.  Usually all that is collected in the offerings are coins.  The pastor and his wife work feverishly to help out the people of their church and all those in the poor community. A ministry team came recently for the U.S. to build a tiny house for one of the families in his church.

The team is affiliated with a ministry called CASAS POR CRISTO, Houses for Christ.  The team can finish a house in three days.  They even allow their children to get involved in the construction work.  I take as many things as possible to Pastor Luna including food, blankets, clothing, and I speak at his church often.  He has also received help to pay his medical bills and for repairs on his van.  And Pastor Luna and I have also worked together

going door to door and ministering to the people in their homes.   Pastor Jose Luna dreams of having a church that is structurally sound.  So by faith he has started  digging behind his house to construct a church made out of concrete block and cement.  It may take several years for this to be completed but with this man of faith it WILL get done no matter how long it takes.  It has been a real pleasure to work hand in hand with this man of God. 

Both Miguel and Pastor Luna could use assistance in some projects.  Miguel started to add to their dining area but has not finished for lack of funds and manual help.  And Pastor Luna can use funds and/or manual labor in getting his new church construction going.  These are excellent opportunities for any construction teams wanting to venture out by faith to help these men of God.  So plan a trip to Juarez or help them out financially...or both!

Personally I've not seen my daughters since last October so this June I'll head to Arkansas to make my rounds and spend some time with them.  And I'm still hoping to make a trip to Puerto Rico sometime this year to visit the rest of my family whom I haven't seen in 5 years. 

Thanks to all for supporting my work in Juarez.  This year will be the greatest year of my life and of God's work in Juarez. 

Blessings to all.


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My lil friend loving some donated banana milk

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Friday, November 27, 2015


Twenty minutes after landing in Havana, Cuba I was already in trouble. I knew that I had landed in new and possibly dangerous territory. As I followed my way through the hot, extremely humid, and unventilated terminal to get to the baggage claim area my heart pounded heavily against my chest. And against my back. I was nervous about being in a foreign communist nation and about doing something culturally wrong that would bring me attention. Terrible stories of Cuban prisons and concentration camps flooded my mind. The very unfriendly faces from the workers dressed in military uniforms did not help. My eyes were like powerful vacuum cleaners; absorbing everything that there was to see. Ron Gartner, another missionary making this trip, and I finally found the baggage claim area. Ron saw his baggage and retrieved it while I waited for mine. Everyone on the plane got their baggage except me. The conveyor belt stopped and still no baggage for me. Finally after about 10 more minutes my baggage fell from the chute. I breathed a sigh of relieve and pick up my bag. Immediately there was a tap on my right shoulder and I turned around. Behind me was a Cuban lady dressed in military style. She asked if the luggage was mine. I said, "Yes." And she said, "Well then, come with me." I didn't know what was happening but I suspected that it had something to do with the 6 Bibles and the hundreds of gospel tracts that I was carrying. She took me to a room where there had placed several others. I was separated from Ron. In Cuba there are no phone connections with an outside phone. I couldn't call anyone. You must purchase a Cuban phone if you want to call anyone. The heat was almost unbearable and my heart was racing at warp speed. 

Ron Gartner and I do evangelistic outreaches in Juarez, Mexico. A few months prior to leaving for Cuba he asked me if I would like to make the trip to Cuba with him. He had been to Cuba 19 years earlier and the Pastor that hosted him at that time had made another invitation. I knew that the Lord had sent me to Juarez, Mexico some years back, but recently the Lord had spoken to me on different occasions about sending me to visit other nations. So I told Ron that I would seek the Lord's direction and get back with him. Almost without hesitation the Lord said to me, "Did I not tell you that I would send you to other nations?" That was easy!!! But the next hurdle was how the Lord would supply for the expenses. I spoke to Al and Carla Fowler from Covenant Fellowship Church about this need and they immediately handed me a check for ministry expenses that would cover the trip entirely, with lots left over for the work in Juarez. The check came as a gift from many who support the work in Juarez. Ron and I began to make plans and get all the paperwork ready to enter into Cuba. We would also need a special religious visa from the Cuban senate to be able to minister in Cuban churches. (This makes it possible for the Cuban government to send out spies and control where you can and cannot go. We were denied entry into a large congregation in Havana.) Our flight initiated in Juarez, then to Mexico City, and finally Havana. The same route was used on our trip back. Part of our time in Cuba would be spent in Havana and the other part in Las Tunas, which are about 12 hours apart by vehicle.

The nervousness and the intense heat in the room at the airport in Havana caused me to break out in heavy perspiration. I had over two hours to pray and activate my faith. I was told to move from one line to the next by one guard, and then scolded for having moved by another guard. I knew that what I was going through was nothing compared to others who have had to make the ultimate sacrifice for the gospel. My faith and strength began rise. I finally made it to the front table and no matter how rude they spoke to me I responded with respect. A young man and woman spoke to me. I was asked to put my bag on the table and unzip it. The man lifted the clothing in my bag and I knew that he saw 2 of the 6 Bibles at the bottom. Immediately he slammed the bag shut, had me to zip it back up, and told the young lady to clear me and let me pass. After she keyed in something in her computer I was finally free to go. I quickly walked outside where Ron and our host Pastors were patiently waiting. Ironically, I was also carrying a backpack and another carry-on bag which were both filled with more Bibles and gospel tracts...but it was as if they never saw them. 

In my 12 days in Cuba I learned a lot about this nation, about socialism, and about communism. But mostly I learned about how the Church of Jesus grows "under the whip", as the believers call it. They call communism and socialism "shared misery". Anyone who thinks that this form of government is such a great idea needs to experience it first hand. The citizens of Cuba are slaves to the government. To be very blunt and cut to the chase the Cuban government is Satanic in origin. The heads of the regime, their families, and other leaders are heavily involved in Satanism, voodoo, witchcraft, and the occult. When the regime first took over the nation they made a promise that within 5 years not one Christian will be found in Cuba. Yet 56 years later the Church is still growing and thriving. A testimony to the power of the gospel. 

When a child first registers for school he will be asked about his faith. If he states that he is a Christian he and his family are immediately denied some of the few government benefits available to others, including education into the most coveted careers. Currently there are about 3,000 churches in one denomination alone that are due to be bulldozed by the government. In one of the Pastor's conferences that we spoke at I asked the Pastors to tell me how we in the U.S. can pray for them. The response was always the same: "Please pray that my church building does not get destroyed." Many times, as these church leaders shared their stories with us, it was hard to keep back the tears. One leader shared about how he went to his church one day. As he turned the corner there was nothing there. Nothing!!! The government came during the night and destroyed his church buildings and hauled it off. Leaving no trace of a church building. But yet when these believers get together they stand up and sing God's praises as if they were in Heaven itself. How is it possible that we in the U.S. are so cold? 

While in Cuba we were not allowed to stay at the home of our hosts. In Las Tunas we rented two rooms that were owned by 3 medical doctors (a husband and wife, and their daughter). They rent the two rooms behind their house to make ends meet. A Physician in Cuba makes about $20 a month. (This is not a typo!) So when a tourist comes (which are few and far between), they hit a bonanza. We paid $20 per day, per room; and a great breakfast was included. When asked about help in finding someone in the neighborhood to do our laundry their eyes got big and they smiled. They said they would do it. The next morning I looked out the window and one of the doctors was washing my clothes by hand. By the afternoon everything was washed, folded, and ironed. They charged me about $3.70US. Another eye doctor in town runs a bicy-taxi service in the afternoons. He has a three-wheel bicycle that he uses to pedal people to and fro for a few cents. Another medical doctor makes lollipops to make ends meet. 

Here are a few more unbelievable facts: 1). Ron, our host pastor, and I went looking for bottled water, coffee, and a hammer one morning. We went to about a dozen stores and we came back empty-handed. Shelves were practically bare...yet full of rum. 2). The ten years after the year 1990 were extremely difficult. During this time they had no toothpaste, soap, new clothing, and other necessities. Food was extremely scarce. One pastor's wife related how they cooked their mop after cutting it up in pieces to add to the small amount of food. 3). We stopped at the car dealership in Havana. Cars and scooters for sale are really just for show. Just so that the government can say that they have cars available. A used car, with 200,000 miles runs between $82,000 to $110,000US. Used scooters were $9-12,000US. Consider paying these prices with salaries of $20 a month. 4). The government will help you build a church if it's a Satanic church. 5). It is against the law to eat beef or fish for the common citizens. Beef and fish are only for government officials and for exporting. I met a 37 year old man that has never tasted beef or fish. Also, if someone kills a cow it's 15 years in jail. Kill a human and it's 7 years in jail. 6). A gallon of gas is about $5.50US. (This list can be endless. I just wanted to show a picture of how different things are in Cuba.) 

The only reason that Cubans survive their economy is because their relatives and loved ones who have escaped the regime for the past 56 years send them financial support. 

Every time I stood in front of a church or a group of Pastors to speak I wondered why the Lord brought me there. I felt that I needed to sit down and let them speak to me. I always wondered what I could possibly say to encourage these precious brothers and sisters, some of which had been to the concentration camps. One day at one of our pastors conferences one pastor stood up to thank me. He said that he had learned so much that day and he was glad that he came to the conference. When he said that to me a knot formed in my throat and I had to swallow hard. Just about every conference had a least 100 attendees. Yet there was never one car or bicycle parked in front of the churches. The pastors either walked or used the very poor public transportation system to get to these conferences. 

I made some very good friends in Cuba. As a matter of fact our host pastor in Cuba, who is about 80 years old, was able to get permission to make a trip Colorado to visit his son. From there he made a bus trip to the El Paso/Juarez area. He was with me for 12 days recently. He shared his stories and preached in several churches in Juarez, Mexico. 

Will I ever return to Cuba? That is one of my dreams. Now that I've been there once I will be better prepared the second time. My prayer is for Cuba to be released from the bondage that it finds itself in. 

I thank the Lord for allowing me to make this missionary trip to Cuba and many, many thanks for everyone who helped to make this trip possible. And also for the continued support in Juarez, Mexico. 

I plan on writing another blog entry soon to share about other things going on in Juarez. Blessings to all. 

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Sunday, June 28, 2015


I recently read a story about a group of people invited to have breakfast with the president of the United States at the White House. The story and the pictures vividly revealed the group's excitement at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My mind quickly thought about the recent week that a team from Searcy and Judsonia, Arkansas spent in Juarez, Mexico sharing meals and ministering to the poorest of the poor.  If you ask any of the twelve people from the Dream Team (as I like to call them) if they would have preferred to go to the White House, all of them without a doubt, would have chosen to be in Juarez with the downtrodden, the forsaken, the suffering, the widows, the orphans, and the heroes of faith. 

After months of preparation, fund raising, and prayers the team arrived at a Spanish gospel tract ministry in El Paso, Texas known as Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries (SAEM) - our meeting point before crossing into Juarez. We spent a day at SAEM making some final preparations, planning, and having more prayer. For many weeks I had been preparing for the Dream Team's arrival and I had organized a very busy schedule for them. We wanted to seize every moment for Jesus while in Juarez.   On June 8th we crossed into Juarez, Mexico with a greater excitement and anticipation than visiting the White House. For some this was the first time to ever set foot in Mexico, but not to be the last.                  (Michaela having fun →)

I quickly took them to the house in Juarez where they would sleep and then off to our host church with Pastor Manuel Martinez and his wife Dolores (Lolis, as she prefers to be called). The host church, Dios Con Nosotros (God With Us), prepared all our meals and also helped us prepare the daily meals that we took with us as we set out to different areas in Juarez to minister and feed the people. Every morning at 8 am left the house and headed to the church for prayer, breakfast, and to prepare for the day's ministry. And every evening we would end at the host church for sharing, dinner, and often we worked around the church. It was hard work but we enjoyed the beauty of the desert as we watched the sunset and we also enjoyed the beauty of working for the Lord Jesus. 

The very first day in Juarez at 3 pm we had a feeding and ministry time at a feeding center started by a young widow by the name of Celestina (scroll down to blog entry of March 9, 2015 for further information on Celestina and her work). Many kids from around the poor neighborhood came out as well as adults. We had games, a short drama skit, feeding and ministry time. Many kids also received sandals. The ministry time was great as many kids and adults made a confession of faith. Celestina currently feeds 50 to 60 children and adults six days a week. About 80% to 90% of the food support at Celestina's comes from those people and churches who support the work that I have been called to in Juarez.  

On Tuesday morning we visited a neighborhood to hand out flyers inviting the people to an evangelistic service on Friday. Here the Dream Team entered one of the shacks where the poorest of the poor live. Words cannot describe what they witnessed that morning. Later we drove to another part of Juarez to visit with Pastor Martin Nuñez, his church and orphanage. I had Pastor Martin share his testimony about how he came to know the Lord. It is one of the most incredible and moving testimonies anyone has ever heard. Most of the young kids living here have come off the streets of Juarez with lives filled with crime and drug abuse. Our hope is to someday invite Pastor Nuñez to Arkansas to share his testimony and the incredible work he and his wife Leticia are doing in Juarez. Without a doubt he is one of the heroes of faith.

On Wednesday we visited and ministered at another orphanage which has about 55 kids. It was another incredible day of ministry. One of the things we did here was to give the kids pillowcases for them to color what they had received from us as far as Bible lessons and stories. Some of the art work was amazing. The pillowcases would be a nightly reminder of what they had learned from the Dream Team. Many of the adults at the orphanage also enjoyed coloring a pillowcase.

Thursday was an amazing day at Casa De Refugio De Jovencitas (House Of Refuge For Young Girls). Here we were allowed to take pictures but not publish them. After an amazing and very moving time of testimonies and sharing God's Word the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the young girls like very few people have witnessed before. We spent about an hour in solid prayer filled with weeping and lamentation. Later we shared a very special time getting to know the girls in a deeper, personal way by doing pedicures. Even some of the men of the Dream Team got in on the nail painting. Days like these are never forgotten. 

Our last day in Juarez was very busy. The Dream Team got a quick tour of the City of Juarez that they had not seen yet. They also had a short time of souvenir shopping before taking off to a ministry called Vision En Accion (Vision In Action), which houses about 120 people who have come off the streets. Most of them reach this place with severe mental and physical problems. Those that are a danger to others or have committed violent crimes are locked in tiny cells for the security of others. We spent time visiting these precious ones and praying for them. You can see a 4 minute video of this ministry by searching this site: Vision En Accion - CSJ Award Winner 2012. Josue (pictured below), who is seen in the video was our tour guide. From this ministry we rushed back to our host church to prepare for a 7 pm evangelistic campaign, where about 300 came to be fed and hear God's word. Dale Donnell, member of the Dream Team, preached to the adults while I translated. After a very busy, very productive, and very blessed day and week we had to head to the border that very night and return to El Paso. 

On Saturday back at SAEM we had a time of sharing and prayer. It was hard for me to watch as the Dream Team once again prepared to depart from me. I wept. But it was a week that would mark their lives forever. I heard the statement, "this week has changed my life forever" more than once. Somehow I doubt that the group that visited the White House had the same sentiment. Thank you Dream Team for a wonderful week of allowing the light of Jesus to shine through you and for blessing my City of Juarez. 


--I want to remind everyone that I will leave Juarez on August 13 to head to Cuba for almost 2 weeks of ministry. I need your prayer support. 

--There's a lady in Juarez who had a leg amputated due to diabetes. I also know of a ministry that will fit her with a prosthesis for about $700US. That is a small amount to pay to have her walking again. Anyone wishing to help her with this need please contact me. 

--The Dream Team will be returning to Juarez again. Anyone interested in joining the team or starting your own team may contact me for more details. The Dream Team will be sharing their recent experiences in Juarez at The River Church in Judsonia, Arkansas in the upcoming weeks. 

Blessings to all and may God richly bless everyone for their continue support and prayers. 

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