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          I never cease to be amazed at some of the things that I come across in Juarez, Mexico.  Even after 3 1/2 years of full time missionary work I still have experiences that are hard to believe.  Some experiences are shocking in a negative sense and some are delightfully pleasant.  In this blog I want to share about a recent experience that brought tears to my a very good sense.  

I find a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in reaching out to the poorest of the poor in Juarez, Mexico.  One of the ways that I do this is to distribute food in neighborhoods where there is extreme poverty.  I normally go to the local wholesale market and purchase 100 pound bags of rice, beans, potatoes, oatmeal, sugar, and whatever else I feel may be needed.  Then I bag all this up into smaller bags and head out to places in Juarez that are so poor that most Americans would not fathom.  Normally I just go from house to house (or better said: from shack to shack) and hand out bags of food as I visit with the people, pray with them, and leave a gospel tract in their hands. I remember the most needy cases and make return visits.  Sometimes after my first or second house visit the word gets out that I'm around and people come to me instead of me coming to them. 

A few days ago I was on my way out with a good load of food.  I already had in mind which neighborhood I would visit.  My plan was to go down a particular road and hang a left turn and visit that neighborhood.  However as I was getting ready to turn left the Lord corrected me and had me to make a right turn.  I had been down this neighborhood many times before and the Lord brought to my mind one particular lady. I knew that I had to stop by her place first.  

I met Celestina a few years ago.  Although she is under 40 years old Celestina is a widow.  Her husband was killed at the peak of the violence in Juarez and she was left alone with 5 children.  The youngest child was barely a new born at that time. Celestina is one of the poorest of the poor.  When I first met her she was homeless and lived in borrowed houses or shacks with her kids.  Her poor parents would try to help but they were just as needy.  The greatest thing that Celestina has on her side is that she is a very strong Christian woman.  Less that 2 years ago a ministry by the name of Casas Por Cristo (Houses For Christ) built a small house for her and her children.  

Not long after moving into her new house Celestina experienced a serious incident with her next door neighbor.  Apparently the man next door was drunk and he went outside shooting his gun at random.  Celestina's youngest child was playing in the dirt by the house and a bullet went straight for the little boy.  Except that their dog was in front of the boy and the dog's presence saved the boy's life.  The dog died from the bullet wound.  Celestina summoned the police but nothing was done. On one of my visits Celestina told me what had happened and we prayed for the situation with her neighbors.  I have brought food to Celestina on many occasions.  And it was to Celestina's place that the Lord directed me to a few days ago with a load of food. 

Celestina greeted me with her usual happy smile as if she didn't have a care in the world.  I know few people that have the faith that Celestina has.  Celestina asked me to come inside.  She was wanting to show me something.  There were 3 other ladies in the house.  She showed me a huge bag of potatoes on the bed (it was a one room house) and told me that she, along with the other ladies present (whom she had brought to the Lord), had opened a community lunchroom for the poor. At first I was at a loss for words.  

I finally had to ask: "Celestina, you hardly have any food for you and your children. How can you have a feeding center"?  She explained to me that she wanted to show these new saints about the power of a seed.  She decided that they would all go in together and buy potatoes and feed the poor from Monday through Friday at 3 pm when the kids came home from school.  She showed me the empty gas tank.  There was no more gas, so now they had no other choice but to cook potatoes with wood that they collected.  The lunchroom had been opened for over two weeks and about 30 kids and some older adults were coming for a daily diet of potatoes.  The bed was reserved for the older adults to sit down to eat and the others ate standing up.  It was then that I quickly wiped my tears. 

And I wiped my tears again when Celestina asked me if I remembered the incident with her neighbor and her dog.  I told her that I did.  Then she smiled and pointed to one of the ladies in the room and told me that she was her next door neighbor, wife to the man that had shot her dog. 

It was obvious why the Lord sent me there that day.  I told Celestina that I had a car full of food and that I was going to give it all to her.  They all helped me unload all the food that I had with me.  Before I left there was food everywhere.  Celestina then turn to the other ladies and very confidently said: "You see, this is the power of a seed.  My beautiful Jesus has multiplied it and provided us with all this food." I left her with $50 to fill up the gas tank.  I also took down a list of other things that she needed and I brought them to her the very next day.  When I returned Celestina informed me that she had only put in $30 worth of gas in the tank because she wanted to have money to buy tortillas for the people.  She asked if that was all right with me.  I smiled and nodded.  I took some pictures and left with the promise that I would bring them whatever food they needed to feed the hungry in the community. It's the least that I can do.  Another ministry in Juarez is going to give me enough benches and tables for the children and adults who come to the new lunchroom  have a place to sit.  

This is a case of the poor helping the poor.  Thank God for ladies like these and others who step out with a seed of faith and watch as the Lord turns that seed into a good harvest.  And thank God for those who help support God's work in Juarez so that I may continue to reach those in need. Jesus said that we will always have the poor.  And His desire is for His Body to care for them and love them. 

ANOTHER MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY:  In the past the Lord has spoken to me about sending me to other Nations. The Lord has now opened the door for me to visit communist Cuba in July of this year for about two weeks of ministry.  I will be going with Ron Gartner, who is another missionary serving in Juarez, Mexico.  We will be speaking to and encouraging the Body of Christ in a few of the cities in Cuba.  I have already spoken to our host Pastor in Cuba and he is very excited about us coming to visit. It does not look like the airplane fare will be too costly since Cuba is not far from Florida.  However we want to be able to help the churches that we visit with a good financial gift. Anyone wishing to make a financial gift to a few churches in Cuba please send your gift to either of the addresses below. Thank you very much. 

Daniel Torres
650 Linwood Drive
El Paso, TX 79928

If you need a tax receipt send to:
Covenant Fellowship
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Jesus... said unto them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.  And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons...."  Mark 16:15-17 (NIV; The Great Commission).

The Great Commission is a command, not a suggestion.

This blog entry will deal with the topic of demon possession as I have personally witnessed it in Juarez, Mexico and at times in the United States. 

Demons are not to be taken lightly.  They are real, powerful, and not to be played with (see Acts 19:13-16).  Most people living in the United States have never been confronted with demon possession.  I have my own personal opinion concerning why the U.S. does not witness this on the scale that we see it in other nations, especially Third World Nations and nations where idolatry is rampant. Actually, demons are all over the U.S. but I believe that they use a high level of stealth in the U.S.  I'm not going to discuss the "why" in this blog entry; I have other things that I want to share.  I deliberately waited until now to share this because Halloween is upon us and many people, including Christians and many churches, believe that it is innocent and harmless.  But Halloween is a trick of the Devil to pry open many doors that will eventually be used to bring in things that the person will later regret.  Halloween is definitely not a holiday (holy-day).  There is nothing cute in little monsters and there is nothing innocent in the haunted houses that some churches use to raise funds for God's Kingdom.  There is nothing harmless about vampires or the walking dead.  When a person or child begins to like, enjoy, and see those things as harmless and fun the Devil has begun to pry open spiritual doors that will eventually be flown wide open for powerful Satanic attacks and possession.  In the book of Mark, chapter 5, we read about a man who came to Jesus from the tombs.  He lived there and he wore no clothing.  He could not be bound with chains because he would break them in pieces.  No man could tame him and he was always screaming.  He would cut himself with stones, as some do today.  His name was Legion because he had so many demons.  I know that this man was not born like that nor did those things happen to him overnight.  At some point in his life he or someone, probably a parent, allowed something to pry open the doors of his spirit for demons to enter.  And eventually, little by little, this man came to be who he is now, totally and completely full of demons and uncontrollable.  I'm sure his family wondered what happened with him and how he came to be like this.  They probably helped him become like this.  Parents beware!!!  In the end  Satan's goal is to kill that person and as many as he can by using that individual (see John 10:10).  Does this sound familiar?  Do we not see this in the news almost daily?

Some people believe that healing, miracles, and demons are a thing of the past.  But  I witness these things all the time.  And I challenge anyone to show me in Scripture where the supernatural came to an end.  If anything, these things have increased dramatically since we are in the last days.   

I recently had another experience with demons.  A young man, about 25, came to the front of the church (yes, church!) for prayer.  I went up to pray for him and as I put my hands on him the demons in him began to manifest (many people walk around care free but have no clue that demons live in them or that the person next to them has demons).  This encounter was my longest one yet with demons.  In the past some people took a few seconds to be delivered, some took minutes, others took longer.  This recent case took almost 3 hours.  During this time the young man (under the power of the demons) did a lot of different things: he screamed, mocked, laughed hideously, prophesied (see Acts 16:16-18), sang, stood up, lied down, rolled on the floor, cursed, moved violently, and regurgitated what appeared to be blood.  A minister and myself stayed with this man for the entire three hours.  We knew that the young man had many demons but we didn't know just how many.  When the man was finally set free he was so exhausted that he had to be carried out of the church.  I was also very tired since he was very strong.  The peace that we finally saw on his countenance was one of the evidences that he was set free.  

We were determined that we were not going to stop praying and rebuking the demons until this man was totally free.  The Lord never leaves anything half done...and neither should we (see also Matthew 12:43-45).  Jesus is the one who gives us the authority over these demons; in and of ourselves we have no authority. 
What causes a person to be possessed by demons?  The doors are many.  Our culture is more fascinated by the demonic than by the things of the Spirit of God.  We call evil good and good is called evil (Isaiah 5:20).  From the time we barely learn to speak and understand we are bombarded with the things of Satan.  Television programs, songs and music, games (Ouija boards and others), movies, books, and other forms of communication feed us a constant diet of evil.  We become so desensitized and unaware that Satan is feeding our minds with so much evil that we even pass the plate to our own children.  Hardly a cartoon or a Disney movie comes out that does not deal with Satanic forces including demons, witches, monsters, murder, witchcraft, spells, idolatry and so much more.  Even the so called "Super Heroes" are full of the demonic.  Yet we find them in the video libraries of Christian families and even in church nurseries.  When we participate in these things we are supporting the kingdom of Satan and opening the doors of our spirits and the spirits of our loved ones to Satanic forces.  Before long people are doing the Devil's work and we wonder what happened.  To add insult to injury we have removed God from schools but Satanic forces and influences are allowed to remain.  We raise up generations with a demonic mindset and with open doors to Satanic work and forces.  Children, not just adults, are involved in murders, suicide, drugs, sexual perversion and all the other evils of Satan.  Many times the person is locked up and the crimes are excused because the person has a "mental condition".

Christians are very careless about Satanic influences.  Television programs bring these influences right into the living rooms and bedrooms and families sit down together to watch such things.  An interest in these things increase and to most people they appear to be normal, innocent, and harmless.  But as one who deals with the Satanic and with demon possession constantly I beg Christians and churches to open up their eyes and raise up their guard (see Mark 3:27 and Luke 11:21).  Parents a well as churches have a responsibility to guard their house and their children. 

There are so many other things that I can write about this subject but I just want to raise up a red flag.  There are many Christian books on the subject and there are Godly people that you can go to for counseling.  Don't let Satan creep into your life, into your home, and into your family.  I especially encourage fathers, who are the high priests of the home, and mothers to be watchful. 


I love my Beloved...

Daniel Torres
650 Linwood Drive
El Paso, Texas 79928


Saturday, August 30, 2014


                 Dear Church, I have a lot of things to write about concerning recent events of my life in Juarez, Mexico.  I just completed my third year in Juarez on August 1st and things here are as exciting as ever and God continues to do things that boggle the mind.  But this Blog entry is a teaching that the Holy Spirit had me to share in church recently.  And I believe that He also wants me to share this with those who read this blog.  I know that this will stir your faith. Hopefully I will have time later to write more about the events going on in Juarez.
Angels.  Everyone is fascinated by them. They are huge, powerful, beautiful, and highly respected.  The Old Testament book of 2 Kings chapter 19 and verse 35 speaks of the angel of the Lord destroying the Assyrian Army, all 185,000 men.  That's a huge army for one individual to destroy.  Angels also appear before the presence of God.  Would you like to be transformed into an angel?  Some, maybe most, would say that they would.
For me that would be an offer that I would have to pass.  I wouldn't want to be an angel.  Actually, if the Lord were to ask me (and He wouldn't) if I wanted Him to transform me into an angel I would be highly offended.  To me it would clearly be a demotion of status.  I prefer to remain a Child of God.  Let me explain what I mean.
Angels are created beings used mostly by God as messengers and ministering spirits.  They are here to protect and are under God's direction.  Humans are also created but humans are created in the image and likeness of God.  Angels are not.  Angels do not have the capacity to love or to be compassionate.  Only humans have the honor and privilege to love and be compassionate.  A Child of God loves and is compassionate like no one else on Earth.
Angels cannot be redeemed.  Jesus did not die on the cross for angels.  No demon can receive salvation.  The cross is only for humans. 
No angel has ever been or ever will be called a Child of God.  Only redeemed human beings have that highest of honors and privilege.  Only a redeemed human being becomes a Child of God.
On the cross of Calvary Jesus elevated redeemed man (only those that accept Jesus as Lord and Savior) to such heights that he, redeemed man - the Church - the Bride, sit with Christ in heavenly places (see Ephesians 2:6; Colosians 2:12, 3:1-3).  There is no seat reserved for angels in the throne room of God.  Angels come to the throne room to receive orders.  The orders are given by the trinity...and the Child of God.  How is this possible?  Through prayer. 
Prayer is the Churches greatest privilege.  You will never read in Scripture where an angel utters a prayer.  Only a Child of God has that honor and privilege. 
About prayer:  Why would God institute something called "prayer"?  Because He wants us to rule and reign.  We are Kings and Priests (Revelation 5:10).  And we, the redeemed - the church, rule through prayer.  That means that God will not move His hands to action unless we, the Bride, pray first.  He will not violate our rightful, lawful, proper, authorized, and legal place as Kings and Priests by acting without us.  The redeemed have the honor and privilege to make history and to change history on Earth.  How many times does the Lord asks, even demands, that we...ASK?  One soul cannot be saved unless the church makes that request before God.  Ask in His Name and He "will do it".   Angels have no rights to prayer...but if you are a Child of God you have all the rights.  It is your responsibility.  Prayer is not a suggestion, it is a command.  "But when ye pray..."
Two questions:  1). Would God institute prayer and then choose to DO the things that we don't pray about?  No.  He would be violating the place that He gave to us in the Throne Room through Christ. 2). Would God ask us to pray and then NOT do the things that we ask for in Christ's name?  No.  That would make Him a liar.  But we pray in faith, nothing wavering (James 1:5-7). 
Let me ask again: Would you like to be transformed into an angel?  I hope not!!!  Because a Child of God, though weak as he may look, is more powerful that all the armies of hell.  One Child of God, no matter how young (even a 5 year old) can come against the hordes of Satan on his knees and be victorious.  One old saint that needs help to get up from his knees can invade hell and totally change the history of this world.  One Child of God has rights and privileges that angels can only covet. Angels have nothing on a Child of God. 
So get up, church!!!  Quit playing patty-cake in God's presence.  Sit down at the throne room of God and take your proper place.  There was a dear price paid for that place.  Speak things that are not as thought they were.  Be brave, be strong, be courageous.  Be Jesus to the world.  Grace and peace to you. 
I love you my beloved!
Please pray for this, your servant in Christ.
Daniel Torres
650 Linwood Drive
El Paso, Texas 79928



Thursday, July 10, 2014


MANY, many things have happened here in Juarez since my last blog entry. Today I finally get to sit down and write about them.  I don't like to make these blog entries too long so this will be just a brief synopsis of the events of the past two months. If I related all the details I would write a book. But I mostly want to share about the visit with the team that came down from Arkansas. The team arrived on June 7th and departed on June 16th. In the past I have referred to the team as The Dream Team.

Previously I have tried to inform readers about the ministry in El Paso (which is right across the border from Juarez) that is called Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries or SAEM. This is a tract printing ministry that prints Spanish tracts for the Spanish speaking world. Some tracts are also printed in English. SAEM is a ministry and as such it relies on the financial and physical assistance of Christians in order to survive. This summer 20 year old Michaela Lorton,  from Searcy, Arkansas volunteered one month of her time to intern at SAEM. Michaela bravely took her very first airplane ride to get to El Paso. She flew from Little Rock, to the mass confusion at Dallas International Airport, and then to the El Paso airport where I picked her up. I took Michaela to SAEM and in a few days I took off to Arkansas for my younger daughter's graduation.

Victoria graduated from High School and will be attending the University in Jonesboro this fall. I also visited my other two daughters. Melissa in Oklahoma City and Christina in Memphis. And I also visited churches and many friends. The Lord had incredible things planned for me on this trip to Arkansas and it will be a trip that I will never forget.

Once back in Juarez I began to prepare for the arrival of the team from Arkansas. Most of them have been in Juarez before and I was very excited about their return. At this point in time neither one of us had any idea of the wonderful and life-changing things that the Lord had planned for this team. It is amazing that we go through life doing our every day things and keeping a routine. Sometimes we sink into a rut and we don't ever realize it. And all the time our God, who is very busy and constantly working and planning, has something just ahead that will transform our life like we never dreamed of or thought possible. And God had something very special waiting for this team here in Juarez, Mexico, which is a place that very few people want to come to. God calls us to impossible places and He does impossible things so that we may also do impossible things with Him. If God only did the possible, He wouldn't be God. Anyone can do that! And as children of God we are called to do the impossible.

I continued to prepare places of ministry that the team would go to and visit. One day I took Michaela, the young SAEM intern, with me to Juarez and we visited and made plans with several ministries in preparation for The Dream Team.

The Dream Team consists of the Lorton family (Mike, Regina, Matthew, and Michaela - our SAEM intern), Mike Lee, and Grant Cooper. This was Grant's first mission trip ever. But Grant worked like a veteran in Juarez. Grant was lovingly given the title of "Captain America" and I imagine that the title will stick.

For this trip I decided that The Dream Team will work primarily with Pastor Manuel Martinez and his wife Dolores (who everyone here knows as Lolis). I did a blog entry about this couple and their wonderful work in Juarez on August 15, 2013 (please scroll down and refer to that blog entry).  The team stayed in Juarez for a week at Dolores' parent's house, which was very comfortable. Dolores also prepared all the meals for the team during the week. Home-cooked Mexican food every day! Dolores also happens to have the gift of prophecy.

Very briefly the first three days of ministry went as follows. We visited an orphanage that we call Cecia's (for the name of the director there). We bought food and spend a few hours with the children. Then we went to a girls Teen Challenge center for another few hours, where we also brought food and had a time of ministry. The next day we went to one of the most dangerous communities on the North side of Juarez called Anapra. There we visited another orphanage called Rivers of Mercy. Not far from there we went to another orphanage, except that this one is for young adults mostly in their teen years. It is called Tree of life. In both of these we shared food, crafts, and one on one. The next day we went to a place that the team had never been to before. I had been hesitant to bring them here in the past but I thought that it was time that The Dream Team visited this very delicate place. We were there only about 2 hours because I didn't want to make the team too uncomfortable. It is a ministry that ministers to and houses people who come off the streets. The residents are mentally "challenged", to put it mildly. Their bodies and mental capacities have been damaged due to years of drugs, alcohol, prostitution and living in the streets. Some are brought in with their bodies rotting. But the great news is that there is healing for them in this place. Many come out of here and lead productive lives. Pastor Jose Galvan,who also came off the streets many years ago, founded and operates this ministry. There are about 120 people living here and they are precious in God's sight. For more information about this ministry look up Vision en Accion Jose Galvan in Juarez on the Internet. Youtube has videos, many in English, about this ministry and reporters from all over the world come here to report on this lovely ministry. What did the Dream Team think of Vision en Accion? They said that next time they want to visit longer, serve food, and help minister. Of course, we never go to place where we don't leave a lot of food and some financial help for the ministry. And that was the case at Vision En Accion. From there we moved on to a feeding center that was once closed because the Pastor who operated it was tragically killed and the funds quit coming. Pastor Corina, his widow, has been trying to re-open the ministry which is located right in front of her tiny church. The Dream Team came to help. We bought lots of food, had Bible study, and gave away some stuffed animals in conjunction with the Bible study. We served about 100 people, about 90% were kids.

During these "planned" days of ministry the Lord always opens doors for things that we do not plan. I always tell the teams that we have to be flexible and nothing is written in stone. We go where the Holy Spirit leads. My favorite word about this is: Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. One such stop was at a nursing home for older men. I had to stop there to visit the Pastor and director of the ministry. While there we found out that the roof on one of the buildings was in dire need of repairs. Immediately we made plans for the ministry to get the $400 needed to fix the roof. And today the roof has been fixed. One day I was also called to help with a dying man in another part of town. I took Grant with me and we left while the team continued their work. We transported the man to a hospital where 8 days later he passed away. But not before having heard the gospel of love. We dealt with other issues in Juarez that were not scheduled and we were blessed for being flexible.

Mike Lee
For the next three days I had an outdoor evangelistic campaign planned at Pastor Manuel's church. It was the first campaign ever in that church. I work with a team of 3 other ministers and we do at least one campaign in Juarez per month. I made all the arrangements and with the help of The Dream Team we had a very successful campaign. The team supplied food for everyone who came for three days, they visited the adjoining neighborhood and invited people, they helped with the children's ministry while the adults were being ministered to, and they set up for the campaign every night. The Dream Team also brought enough dresses and pants to clothe over 150 kids. They were all made by the ladies at their church, The River Church, and those were handed out one night. Many people accepted the Lord and many were also healed. It was wonderful. A few days ago Pastor Manuel and I baptized those who came to the Lord at a public swimming pool.

Our prayer and sharing time in the mornings were always very special. Sometimes we would spend 2 hours or more on this. On one particular morning the Lord led me to do something different. We moved all the chairs out of the way and we began to pray for each individual on The Dream Team. It was here where the Lord began to move though Pastor Lolis in prophetic messages. God began to call people out into pastoral work. Grant Cooper, aka Captain America, was given a Pastor's heart. Gabi, a 27 year old woman who helped me with translating, was given a Pastor's heart. Mike and Regina Lorton, were not only given a Pastor's heart but were directed by the Lord to move to El Paso for the ministry. Mike Lee received special honor as being God's servant. Michaela and her brother Matthew were given special instructions for the future. I received a message about a stronger and wider ministry reaching to other Nations along with a promise of a helpmate. It was a morning that we will never forget.

And it was a week that we will never forget. It was a week where all things became new. New horizons, new possibilities, and new visions were opened.

Thank you Dream Team for blessing me and our City. Our work is barely beginning. I'll see you very soon.

P.S. Anyone who wants to join The Dream Team may contact me. There is a possible trip this fall from Arkansas to El Paso to work at SAEM. Along with a visit or two to Juarez.

Daniel Torres
650 Linwood Drive
El Paso, Texas 79928

Covenant Fellowship
P.O. Box 8126
Searcy, AR 72145

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Greetings to all!!! I have gotten behind on sharing about Life In Juarez....and I have some catching up to do. 

We met for weeks planning the Festival of Hope.
  The City of Juarez, Mexico is still slowly climbing out the hole that it fell into some 6 to 7 years ago when it received the title of the Most Dangerous City In The World.  It has been a real slow process but most things are heading in the right direction.  The mayor that came into office last year, Enrique Serrano, has been good for the City of Juarez.  He has opened up a special office in City Hall for the handling of religious affairs and Edilberto Royval Sosa, the Christian brother who heads up that office, has done much to help the churches.  The Mayor has taken a strong and serious stand against corruption, amongst many of his new agendas. I have also seen both the State and City governments realize that they need the help of the Christian Churches in order to improve the quality of life for its citizens. 

The havoc created by all the problems that the City of Juarez has faced may be compared to the destruction seen recently by the tornadoes that hit Arkansas and other States.  There has been much suffering and clean-up will take a very long time.  The emotional trauma will be the most difficult to deal with.  And as with every disaster it will be a time for the Kingdom of God to shine forth His glory. 

Woman moved by a blanket given to me by a church in Oklahoma
Some weeks ago, after months of planning, we finally had The Festival of Hope, which had to be cancelled last November.  The event was a great example of the City helping the Churches and the Churches helping the City for the benefit of the masses.  Simultaneously, across the border the City of El Paso, which is the safest City in America,  was hosting a Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham, which also took months of preparation.  The fact that both events were called "Festival of Hope" and the date fell on the same day were purely "coincidental".  For the Festival of Hope in Juarez the City and State governments provided many free services to the 2,500 families that arrived on that day.  The governments provided many medical services, including eye exams (which I donated reading glasses for them to give out), medicine, vehicle registry, job opportunities, vaccines, scholarships, haircuts, mammography, legal aid, discounts for past due utility bills, and games.  The Churches provided different types of ministry including worship music for the 8 hours that the event was held.  We also had professional Christian wrestlers put on a performance followed by the sharing God's word by the wrestlers themselves.  This was a very popular event. 

Feeding families. Rice provided to me by SAEM.
Medical exams at Festival of hope
I arrived two hours before opening of the gates to the Festival of Hope and found about 200 people already waiting in line.  I was blessed to have been involved in a very special aspect of the event.  I worked with the prayer team.  The way we worked it was that on the way out every family would receive a very generous amount of food.  But in order to get to the food and the exit the people would first have to cross through the Prayer Tent.  At one time the lines coming through the Prayer Tent were blocks long.  So we decided that we would bring about 25-30 people under the tent at one time, give them a two-minute gospel message, have prayer with them, and send them on their way to pick up their food before exiting.  The plan worked great.  The crowds were very patient.  Not one person complained.  The Holy Spirit touched lives and many thousands of seeds were sown into His kingdom.  I called it the "Gospel Express".  It was a great day.  In the meantime the 2-day Franklin Graham Festival of Hope in El Paso brought in almost 1,000 souls into the Kingdom. 

Lucas and I enjoying a wonderful time with Pastor Manuel.

I spoke of the City of San Lorenzo at the last blog entry.  Two weekends ago we marched into that City to bring the gospel message.  Although we faced many obstacles and in spite of some planning errors I believe that the gospel message was shared with the people and that soon San Lorenzo will have its first Christian Church.  I asked for assistance from friends to purchase some bikes and soccer balls to attract a good crowd.  I purchased 6 brand new bikes, 6 soccer balls, and also handed out reading glasses free of charge.  I believe that it was the raffling of these items that brought out the children and adults to this outreach.  I don't know exactly how many people came to the Lord over that weekend but I know that there were many, plus many seeds of love and hope were sown into many hearts.  I was thrilled to have Lucas Anderson from Arkansas join me for this event.  Thanks to Lucas for his sacrifice and the blessing of having him in Juarez and San Lorenzo. 

Our four-men team continues to have monthly campaigns in Juarez or wherever we are invited to.  Our most recent campaign did not see large crowds but the Lord moved in a mighty way and we saw many saved and healed.  I was also blessed to have met two very unique families with very special needs.  I still continue to visit these families and help them in any way that I can.

On a sad note I recently visited Pastor Corina Torres at Colonia Granjas Del Desierto.  Back when we made many mission trips to Juarez our Arkansas team always visited the ministry that her husband Pastor Rafael started.  Pastor Rafael was killed six months ago by a vehicle as he changed a flat tire.  His widow was finally forced to shut down the children's feeding center that Pastor Rafael and her operated because she could not raise the funds needed to keep the center running.  A newspaper article announcing the closure of the feeding center that she pasted on the lunchroom wall is a sad testimony of what happens when aid to this city stops flowing because of the fears of coming here.

Waiting on eye exams.

Michaela Lorton, from The River Church in Judsonia, Arkansas, arrived smiling in El Paso yesterday.  She will be joining Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries (S.A.E.M.) for a month as an intern.  The team from Arkansas and Michaela's family will arrive here in one month for a one week adventure in ministry to Juarez.  Once that week is over Michaela will ride back home with her family.  If anyone is interested in joining the Arkansas Dream Team from June 7-14 there is still room available.

Food give-a-way.
Here are a couple of side notes on S.A.E.M. :  SAEM is a gospel tract printing ministry.  Most of the tracts printed by SAEM are for Spanish speaking Nations.  SAEM is in need of an experienced printing press operator to come to SAEM a few times a year.  The position will be ideal for a retired Christian individual or couple.  SAEM is also having a tree drive to enhance the landscape of its four acre campus.  This will make an ideal memorial gift for a loved one.  Anyone interested in donating funds for the Tree Drive or the printing press position may contact me for more information.

Prayer Tent.
Prayer Tent at Festival of Hope
The trip to Mindanao, Philippines that I have mentioned in past blog entries is still up in the air.  I will need $3,000 to be able to make the trip.  If the Lord makes it possible it will be great, and if not, there's plenty of work to be done in Juarez.  

As usual I can't give enough thanks to all who pray for me and help support the Lord's work in Juarez, Mexico.  Summer is around the corner.  The usual 105°+ temperatures everyday becomes a challenge.  But I am blessed to have a nice vehicle with air conditioning this summer.  Please pray for the Arkansas Dream Team as they prepare to be here next month.  They will be staying in Juarez during the week to avoid daily crossings to El Paso.
May the Lord bless everyone richly.
    Daniel Torres
    650 Linwood Drive
    El Paso, Texas 79928

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Saturday, March 22, 2014


          Many times when someone in Juarez has a challenging task they usually come to me for help.  I do not know why this is but perhaps it is because they know that I have a difficult time turning people down.  About two weeks ago Pastor Durok Hernandez contacted me about a small town about 3 hours away from our City of Juarez that has never received the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  He was hoping that I would join him in evangelizing San Lorenzo, which is located in our State of Chihuahua.  How can I turn him down?  When he first mentioned this to me I immediately thought of a trip that a small team from Arkansas took about 5 years ago to another city in Mexico that had never heard the gospel message.  It was the City of Zacatipan in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.  To my amazement we found out that the report was true. No one in the small town knew who Jesus was, except for the Jesus who lived down the dirt road with his wife.  Ironically, he also happened to be the town's carpenter.  We left the town leaving about 35 people who had accepted Jesus, the Son of God, as Lord and Savior.  To me it was an unforgettable adventure.  This is a missionary's dream: to bring the gospel to those who have never heard it.  We know that many places have never been evangelized because Jesus said that when the message has reached the whole world then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). 

So Pastor Durok and I made arrangements and we visited San Lorenzo a few days ago.  An hour before reaching San Lorenzo we stopped off at the tiny City of Benito Juarez to pick up a friend of Pastor Durok who would guide us to San Lorenzo.  His friend's name was Israel and he and others from the City of Benito Juarez were the ones who had spoken to Pastor Durok about San Lorenzo. 
San Lorenzo is very far from any other town.  It is a town of less than 1,000 people and it is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and rivers.  

Walking around San Lorenzo was very interesting.  The front door to the Catholic church was opened so we walked in and looked around.  Right inside of the church, at the very front and to the right, was the burial site of a young girl whose grandfather was the governor of the State of Chihuahua many years ago.  They placed a statue of an angel over her tomb.  On the front and left side of the church sits the confessional booth and right next to that is a small doll, dressed in white, enclosed in a glass case.  On the outside of the church and high up on the building is the construction date of the church: 1892.   

One very interesting outdoor phenomenon in San Lorenzo is a spot of ground just big enough for one person to stand on.  When a person steps on this spot and speaks their voice changes.  I had to try it and my voice made a very noticeable change.  We were told that no one understands why this happens and that there is just one other place in the world where this happens.  The town marked the area by putting pink square cut rocks, called cantera, at about a 15 feet radius of the site. The rocks are for visitors to sit.  They also put concrete around the ground, leaving a radius of about 6 to 8 feet of dirt around the area where the voice change occurs.
 San Lorenzo reminded me of Andy Griffith's town of Mayberry.  But after touring parts of the town and learning about it I understood why San Lorenzo had not yet been evangelized.  One word: Religion.  

For many, many years some Catholics in Mexico have accepted and added idols to their religion.  One of them is the Virgin of Guadalupe, who has just about replaced the Virgin Mary.  Another idol has been the Santa NiƱa (The Holy Girl), which is also known as La Santa Muerte (The Holy Death).  This Santa Muerte is characterized as a skeleton dressed in a white dress, often a wedding gown.  Usually those people who are about to commit a crime make offerings to La Santa Muerte and ask her to deliver them from their enemies and give them success in whatever crime they are about to commit, including murder.  Even those who have no plans to commit a crime bow down and worship this idol.  In Juarez there are several churches that are strictly Santa Muerte churches.  I have known Christians who have come out of this cult and their stories are horrifying.

Without a doubt these practices are very dangerous but they are exercised in San Lorenzo.  The only church in San Lorenzo, the Catholic Church, shows evidence that the Santa Muerte is worshipped there.  So anyone who has thoughts of bringing the gospel message of Jesus to the town of San Lorenzo knows that they are coming up against a strong Spiritual battle and demonic strongholds.  And we are prepared to face them.  
Place where voices change

Pastor Durok in orange shirt
Surprisingly enough when we went to get permission for a two-day event to bring the gospel to San Lorenzo we received the permit.  We have April 26th and 27th reserved.  The permit, which will cost 1,000 pesos (about $80US), allows us to use the town's gymnasium and  the town square, which are right next to each other.  We even got permission to close off the street between the two sites, in order to connect the two.  We also have permission to place posters throughout San Lorenzo advertising the event. 

We are well aware that in similar towns in Mexico where others have tried to bring in the gospel message the ones doing so have come against much opposition including stoning and loss of lives.  But the message must be delivered.

Since San Lorenzo is so far away there is a possibility that we may rent a furnished house to stay during the two days of the event and possibly some days before.  We have a worship team that will go with us along with others from the cities of Juarez and Benito Juarez. 
In order to get as many people to come to this outreach I want to bring gifts.  I would love to bring soccer balls and hopefully several bicycles to give away.  Also I would love to bring food to give out.  If anyone would be interested in helping with the cost of these please contact me. 

Gymnasium in San Lorenzo

Without question we need as much prayer as possible in order to get the gospel message to San Lorenzo.

Currently we have two other outreaches in the City of Juarez that I want to mention briefly. 

Pastor Henry Becerra, a friend of mine from City Church International in San Antonio, Texas, will start a 4 day outreach in Juarez on March 27th.  The big event in this outreach will be on Friday 28th when Pastor Becerra will be speaking at Benito Juarez Auditorium.  We were able to get the auditorium from the City of Juarez without cost.  Pastor Becerra has an amazing testimony of how God raised him out of a wheelchair.  Pastor Becerra's ministry supports tens of thousands of orphans in different places throughout the world.

Also on Saturday April 5th we have an outreach called Festival de Esperanza (Festival of Hope).  This is an outreach that was planned for last December but was cancelled because food that was coming from the United States was stopped at the Mexican border and was not allowed to get through. Even though the event was cancelled in December due to the problem of not getting the food across to Juarez about 8,000 people still came.  They were ministered to under the extreme cold temperatures.  The shipment of food is finally here in Juarez.  So we are expecting at least 20,000 people this time.  During this event we plan to give out 5,000 bags of food.  We also have events and ministry for every age including haircuts, legal services, distribution of reading glasses, games, special services for children and adults, prayer tents, hot food and many other things.  At the same time Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will be speaking for two days across the border in El Paso. 

The next few weeks will be very busy weeks and we need as much prayer support as possible.

On a personal note I plan to be in Arkansas for a few days in May for my youngest daughter's graduation.  Victoria will be graduating from high school. 

I also have been invited to minister to churches and Pastors in The Philippines in July.  The Christians in the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines are facing much persecution since the island is 50% Muslim and we would like to bring some encouragement to these brothers. It would take about $3,000US to make the trip.
In June we have a team coming from Judsonia's The River Church to minister in Juarez for one week.  Along with that we have a young lady, Michaela, also from The River Church, coming down to intern for just over one month at Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries (S.A.E.M.). 
I want to express my deepest thanks for all those that continue to support the work that is going on in Juarez.  Feel free to contact me with any questions. Blessings, hugs, and my love to all.
Daniel Torres
650 Linwood Drive
El Paso, Texas 79928
For Tax-deductible contributions:
Covenant Fellowship
P.O. Box 8126
Searcy, Arkansas 72145

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

................................................................2014: THE VISION....................................................

         I have spent the last few weeks of December 2013 and most of January 2014 seeking God's guidance for this new year.  I have been living in Juarez, Mexico for  2 1/2 years and I feel that the Lord wants me to open up new ground.  This is not to say that I will stop doing what I am already doing in Juarez.  At the end of 2013 I, along with three other men, went to the State Capital of Chihuahua to minister to a group of men at a two-day Men's Conference.  The Conference went very well; even better than my own expectations.  Later I was asked to speak during the Sunday morning service at the church where the Conference was held.  This event opened the doors to other such events and I also felt the need to do this more often.
I want to quickly give you an overview of the doors that are being opened for ministry.  But first of all I want to share the new things that I feel the Lord is leading me to do in Juarez.  The vision for 2014 takes the call FORWARD and HIGHER, without borders, limits, or boundaries.
Right now the main thing that the Lord has put in my heart is to prepare a group of believers to evangelize a neighborhood (we call these neighborhoods Colonias).  I have been praying about this for over a month.  I am to set up in a church, a store front, or a house in one of the most dangerous Colonias in Juarez and prepare a team to go into the streets to reach the lost (of course, I will have to move and live in this area).  The team does not necessarily have to be made up of mature Christians.  If I have to win them to Christ first and then teach them to evangelize the lost it will be even better.  Those that say that this sounds too dangerous or impossible do not understand the call of God, His never ending desire to reach the lost, and His divine protection over us.  I have no fears about doing this; I am actually very excited about it.  I realize that this is going to be a leap of faith, but hey, I'm already living in Juarez, Mexico.  I have sought the counsel of others, including some Pastors in Juarez.  They are behind me all the way and they are praying for me as well.  I am not looking to build a new church, although it's fine with me if that's what the Lord eventually leads me into.  However, I do not think that I am supposed to go into full time Pastoral work.  I would rather train and raise up men and women to go to other local churches to be a catalyst for the Lord's work there. The evangelism technique will be very unique.  I will explain that in another blog post.  I have been driving around in some very dangerous Colonias and streets seeking God's guidance for a place.  I ask my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord who constantly pray for me to cover me more with their prayers concerning this new adventure in Jesus.
In other areas, the men that I have worked with in the past will be doing more speaking in the Churches of Juarez.  We will be doing indoor and outdoor evangelism.  The Lord has also opened the door for ministry in the State Prison system.  We will be traveling throughout the State of Chihuahua in the months to come to speak to prisoners.  A few weeks ago I was at the jail in Juarez visiting a young man that I have known for many years.  We were able to attend the Libre En Cristo Iglesia (Free in Christ Church), located at the jail campus.  When I walked into the sanctuary the service had already started and the power of God was so intense that all I could do was stand by the back pew, close my eyes, and feel my tears run down my face.  The inmates were all standing and worshipping the Lord like I had never seen before.  I did not want to move; I did not want to leave. 
Our team will also be traveling and holding conferences for Pastors and their wives.  We have invitations that will take us outside of the City of Juarez and the State of Chihuahua.  We do not charge or take offerings for any of these outreaches.  We cover all the expenses.
The team has also been invited to travel to Mindanao, Philippines this summer.  This is the largest  island  in the Southern part of The Philippines.  Mindanao is much more dangerous that Juarez, Mexico.  It is about 50% Muslim, meaning that if a Christian does any evangelical work in the streets they are likely to get bombed.  Many churches in Mindanao are blown up and the people must start the work from scratch.  In Juarez most of the murders are over drugs and money; in Mindanao most of the murders are over religion.  Christians in Mindanao live in fear.  Pastors and the churches in Mindanao need to be encouraged.  This invitation to the Philippines is something that I am leaving in the hands of the Lord.  The trip takes from 25 to 30 hours travel time and I will need approximately $3,000 for expenses.  The Lord will have to supply the funds if I am to go.  If we make the trip it will be for about 2 to 3 weeks.  
I want to refer to the blog entry of August 15, 2013.  My connection and love for Pastors Jose Manuel and Maria Dolores has gotten deeper.  I know that the Lord is going to bring many special blessings to Juarez through their church and ministry.  They need a lot of help to keep going forward with God's vision for them.  This coming June a team from River Of Life Church, in Judsonia, Arkansas will be coming to Juarez for a week.  We will be doing a lot of work in this church as well as a few other places.  In the meantime I will continue to help these Pastors with the work that the Lord has called them to do.  
People in Juarez are still puzzled about the fact that their brothers and sisters in the Lord from the United States, who used to visit them long ago, have all but abandoned them during their worst time of need.  The churches here have been forced to look only to the Lord for their survival.  But the needs are unspeakable.  There is still a lot of suffering even though the crime  rate has fallen.  We need a lot of help here and we need for the teams to return.  Anyone interested in bringing a team to Juarez, Mexico may contact me.
My daughter Victoria graduates from High School this year and I will be going to Arkansas for that proud moment.  It looks like it will be a busy year with lots of traveling.
I wish to once again thank all those who form a hedge of prayer around me and the work that the Lord has called me to do.  I am forever grateful to those who sacrifice with their financial support to keep me in Juarez.  We are all part of this Jesus team!

Please forward this blog to friends and relatives.

God's richest blessings to all.

Daniel Torres
650 Linwood Drive
El Paso, Texas 79928

For Tax Credit send contributions to:
Covenant Fellowship
P.O. Box  8126
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P.S.  I met a lady at the poorest of Colonias in Juarez whose right leg had been amputated about a month ago due to a severe infection.  She appears to be about 30-35 years old.  I have found an organization that will provide her with a prosthesis for just over $500.  Considering the choice of sitting in a wheelchair or being able to walk, $500 is a very small price to pay.  I have spoken to a representative of this organization and she will have to wait 5 more months for her leg to heal up and for the swelling to go completely down before they can fit her with the prosthesis.  Anyone wanting to help her please contact me.  I have pictures of her but they are poor quality. I will take better ones soon.  Gracias.